Carvin Wilson

Carvin is a mead advocate, admirer of mead, passionate beekeeper, collector of honey, lover of yeast, friend of technology and mead maker. He is proud of being able to support small meadery startups, promoting best practices for creating mead, and serving as the moderator of the Modern Mead Makers group on Facebook. After being badgered out of his Hobbit hole, he has exploded on the mead scene and winning over 200 medals to include five Mazer Cups. He’s also a very proud husband to Robin Wilson, grandfather, father, and successful business owner with a portfolio consisting of over fifteen companies. Additionally, he is proud of having over eighty different varieties of honey, accumulating thousands of gallons from all over the world. Carvin is a huge supporter of the AMMA and the Mazer Cup International. He generously hosts several tables at the MCI Mead Mixer to allow smaller meaderies to showcase their meads at the largest mead tasting in the world.

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