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Submit your Seminar Proposal for the Inaugural AMMA MeadCon EAST!

2019 Guidelines

The 2019 AMMA MeadCon EAST will take place September 6, 2019, at the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center in Allentown, PA.

The American Mead Makers Association is welcoming proposals for educational seminars at the conference. Seminars are expected to provide actionable take-aways for attendees to help improve their businesses or their mead making. The deadline to submit a proposal is December 15, 2018.

Please review the following guidelines before submitting a proposal:

  • You may submit up to four seminar proposals
  • Seminars are 60-90 minutes long, depending on the slot. It’s recommended that presentations allow for 5-10 minute of Q&A.
  • Descriptions should accurately reflect the proposed seminar content. If selected, the text provided in the “brief description” field will be used as the seminar description in the conference program.
  • Please provide a short bio and headshot when you submit your proposal.
  • Changes (including speaker additions) after the seminar is selected will need to be approved by the AMMA Conference team.
  • Titles and content of selected seminars are subject to change after team review.



Wondering what sort of topics we’re looking for at the 2019 MeadCon? The seminar group has gathered a list of topics that the members of the mead community have indicated that they are interested in seeing seminar proposals for. You may also submit on a topic of your choosing.

  • Running your Meadery
    • Automation for meaderies
    • Making the jump from small production area to to giant new production facilities and tasting rooms
    • Lab and testing equipment best practices for small and larger meaderies
    • Fermentation equipment – best setups for small vs. large, and creating a growth path
    • Startup financing and funding your new meadery
    • Creating TTB accepted recipes and labels
    • TTB Regulations and best practices
    • Packaging best practices/costs/efficiency
    • Tasting Rooms – do or don’t, and affections on costs, sales and production
    • Channel management – competing for shelf space
    • Building in growth, and managing it
    • Marketing your Mead
      • Building your Brand
      • Distribution out of state
    • Creating a strong Online Presence
    • National and International Distribution
  • Meadery Start Ups
    • Building a business plan that works and grows with you
    • Determining your start up costs and needed equipment
    • Partnering with a Distributor
    • Top Unplanned Issues that happen in your Meadery
  • Making Better Mead
    • The chemistry of nutrients and sorbates/sulfites, and how to determine what to add and when to ensure a better mead
    • Mead-friendly yeast strains, best practices and nutrient feeding recommendations, propagating and re-using yeast
    • Mead problem-solving – stuck ferments, infections, rescuing recipes during fermentation
    • Making melomels – fruit best practices
    • Barrel aging and oak additions – oaking mead
    • Session meads vs. standard strength
      • Making better session meads
    • Making smoked mead
    • Bochets best practices
  • Mead Tools and Techniques
    • Barrels vs oak strips/chips/spirals
    • Packaging best practices (home and/or pro) – bottles, corks vs. caps vs. cans, etc.
    • Art and science of blending
    • Finishing your Mead (so you don’t have Bottle Bombs)
  • Sustainability
    • Increasing bee population and keeping bees in your home or at your meadery
    • CO2 Management (for meaderies)
    • Sustainability 101
  • Mead in Society
    • Mead and Food pairing
    • Mead in Food recipes
    • Mead tasting session
    • Mead judging session
    • Honey tasting session


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